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Vote Ryan Weldon for Iowa House District 41

Experienced, tested, and proven representation Ankeny schools, families, and businesses can count on.

Ryan Weldon's Family

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All in for you and your family. All in for Ankeny. All in for Iowa.

Safe Communities
Fiscal Responsibility
Educational Opportunity
US Flag
Constitutional Rights
Limited Government
Economic Growth

District 41 Details



Active Voters

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Key Objectives

Attracting and retaining local businesses results in a better quality of life for our Iowa families.

Drive Economic Growth and Create More Jobs

Prioritizing fiscal discipline, we can continue to fund the priorities of Iowans and provide more tax relief to hardworking taxpayers.

Return Iowan's Hard-Earned Money Back to Them

A commitment to strong reading, writing, math, and science education is foundational for individual success and economic opportunity.

Provide Iowa's Students with the Best Educational Opportunities

Vote Ryan Weldon on Tuesday November 5th!

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