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Vote in the June 4th Primary

The Primary Election is on Tuesday, June 4. Voters will choose candidates/nominees for each of the three full-status parties in Iowa; Democratic, Libertarian and Republican. Ryan Weldon is one of two Republican candidates who will be on the ballot. The winner of the Republican Primary will then move forward to be considered in the November general election against the incumbent Democrat. Ballots will be specific to the party that each voter is registered, all Voters must declare a party affiliation. Voters can change affiliation at the time they vote or request a mailed ballot. 

General Voting Information

Absentee Ballots & Early Voting

If you will be out of town on June 4th and unable to vote in-person on election day, you can still cast your ballot for Ryan Weldon via absentee ballot. To request an absentee ballot, use this absentee ballot request form and return it to the Polk County Election Office at 120 2nd Avenue, Suite A, Des Moines, IA 50309. You can mail your ballot or hand deliver your ballot during business hours, but it must be received by 8PM CT on Election Day.


Additional general absentee voter information can be found at the Iowa Secretary of State website.

Primary Election Dates & Deadlines

  • Wednesday, May 15: First day for Early Voting and Absentee Requests sent by Mail.

  • Monday, May 20: Pre-Registration and Absentee Request by Mail Deadline

  • Saturday, June 1: Polk County Election Office Open

  • Monday, June 3: Last day for in-person early voting.

  • Tuesday, June 4: Election Day. Polls open 7:00 am - 8:00 pm.  Absentee Ballots by Mail must be received by 8:00pm.

Learn more about why Ryan Weldon is running for District 41 and what he stands for.

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